Design your life & legacy
Our free workshops make it easier than ever to think through your end of life wishes with the help of your friends and family.
“I feel fantastic, energized, activated –
this is such an important conversation.”
- Workshop Participant
Upcoming Workshops
All scheduled workshops are virtual/online
Our free workshops are designed to be a first step, a comfortable entry point to start considering some of the more important questions you'll face as you design your end of life plan. We make it light and easy, creative and affirming, with lots of examples and possibilities.

Our workshops take you through five chapters:
Care: Your final days/weeks
Body: Your remains
Ceremony: Your funeral
Treasures: Your estate
Legacy: How you'll be remembered

We highly recommend you come with a friend or partner who can help you think through your wishes. However you're more than welcome to come solo, and we'd be happy to partner you up so you don't need to sit with these questions alone.
"Powerful and skillful."
- Vice Magazine (link)
“Something really new.”
- Fast Company (link)
Our Values
Start with the
end in mind
Embrace impermanence. There will one day be a world you’re no longer in – it’s a simple idea with the power to shift your perspective.

Take accountability. We all make an impact, in ways big and small, for better or for worse, intentional or not – all of that is your legacy.

Live intentionally.
It is within your power to design your legacy – you have every right to care that it is sustained even after you’re gone.

Start where you are.
You know yourself better than you may realize – start with who you are and have been when considering the future.

Keep things simple.
There’s really no need for you to learn a whole new vocabulary – these questions are challenging enough as it is.


After was started in 2019 by Joseph Weissgold and Divine Bradley.

Having spent several years refining our program across North America and internationally, we are now proud to bring you our workshops free of cost. It's our way of giving back to a community that has given so much for us.
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